MME Show Dates for 2016 will be April 10 and October 9.

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The Mechanical Music Extravaganza is a multi-dealer collectibles show that features antique phonographs, cylinder records, disk records, parts, music boxes, and memorabilia. Please click the "MME" icon above left for more information. The Mechanical Musical Extravaganza is a twice yearly event — in the Spring and the Fall.
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Phono Profile
At left: An Edison "Suitcase" style (aka the "Banner Top") Home Phonograph circa 1899-1900 with the Polyphone attachment. The Polyphone attachment was patented by Leon Douglas and marketed by theTalking Machine Company of Chicago. One could either buy the attachment separately (approximately $12.00 to $15.00) or as a complete outfit. The Home complete with polyphone attachment, 2 horns, oil can, and chip brush would have sold for $35.00. The basic idea was to use 2 reproducers to obtain extra volume from the brown wax cylinders of the era. The Polyphone was introduced in 1898 and only sold for a few years. Upon the introduction of the 2 Black Wax clylinders in 1902, which were louder than Brown Wax cylinders, there wasn't much need for the Polyphone and it was discontinued. This example is in extremely good condition and features the original optional brass horns. From a private collection.
Left: The endgate view of the Edison Polyphone Home showing the reproducer arrangement. The reproducers are Edison "Automatic Speakers" which have a saphire ball stylus and were designed to play brown wax cylinders.

Below: Underneath view of the Polyphone attachment showing the two reproducers and their orientation in the carriage arm.

Left: Banner top showing an excellent condtion decal.